Prisma Melody Club enstablished in 2002 under the pressure of music bands to get full Enpals “agibility” to allow stage perfomance according to the current laws.

Since the town of Forlì did not have any facility for that task, I manage my efforts to make it on my own, rather than share it with any other town’s same enterprise. Just like that, along with a number of “brave” music friends of the Forlì countryside, I established the Prisma Melody Club Soc. Coop.

It offers profit-free chance to build up music events like the annual vintage show as well as live concerts like Floyd Machine’s “The Wall”, Vasco Rossi Tribute, Eagles Tribute, ecc. as itinerant shows in several italian cities; self-managing of music studio rooms for associates and music lovers; stage gear availability (p.a.’s, lights, video, intrument’s shipping, ENPALS invoicing for the bands which perform live stage in Italian clubs.

We naturally grew up, and now we have the chance to rent – at a very popular rates – the professional stage gear for shows and concerts. All the gear, including cables and devices, features full CEE certification to the current laws.

For further information scroll the menu pages. Some pics show part of the gear available and the studio rooms, and if you have not visited us yet, you can do it in our location: you’ll be welcomed!

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