Vintage Fender Museum


We do the free music , hard, strong peaks on the Soul that in order to open it. (Jimi Hendrix)


The Fender Vintage Museum is the exhibition of all the solid body stringed instruments and amplifiers products from the historic Fender Factory collection by Flavio Camorani for the Association Prisma Melody.

This project is unique because it is not received worldwide as a complete and accurate collection and it is new in the artistic and cultural landscape of the world.

The more than 100 copies, accompanied by the original cases have been brought together in more than thirty years of meticulous skill and passion, shown on public display in the respective identity plate in chronological order and philological , designed to revive sounds and emotions that accompanied an unforgettable era.

Catalogs, posters , documents, memorabilia and original period photographs accompany and give added value to the Fender Vintage Museum.

It also offered the opportunity to organize guided tours and live demonstrations and it is perfectly matched to other cultural and musical events , the Fender Vintage Museum has already been shown in public experiencing huge success with critics and audiences.

The entire collection is illustrated and narrated in details , with technical data and photographs in books “Our Vintage Soul ” volume 1 ° and 2 ° .

If one asks whether a collection is able to breathe , if its parts can live and vibrate in time as human beings, Fender Vintage Museum is an experience not to be missed.

  • Location : Forlì
  • Province : FC
  • Client: Prisma Melody Cooperative Society



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