Personal Affections

To mention all the loved of mine would take much longer than a simple page, thinking how many buddies shared my life till now. My closest relatives, my girlfriend and my dog Rock & Roll are the chosen ones to pick up first, since they are my daytime patners.

The shots in this page are vivid recalls of lot of loves and friendship that I collected in the past that anycase got specular room in my life, life that strongly changed when Michela finally joined it.

For what you’re currently seeing on this Website and on the “Our Vintage Soul” Book, a deep award is needed by my nephew Matteo, which is the one who cares graphics and technical issues of both projects. While I often need to stress him on check-ups and updates… by the way, when we’ll finally get to the end, he could share his name with one of the most valuable website in the world.

This is all about present: for what concern the past, as seldom happened, I collected lot of fellow, but very few real friends.

Enzino is definitivelly one of them: we shared a lot of troubles and sacrifices, and I really owe him. His contribution to the filling of the Fender vintage Collection is unvaluable. We had some disagreements sometimes, due about different county origins for most I guess, but not real fight at all.

I wish to recall guys like Claudio Dini, who helped in transposing my thoughts in English for the Book and the Website.

Anyway there are many people that put their contribution to this cause of mine, but that finally – who more, who less – acted as advantage-takers upon my name and image: my appreciation to them is therefore true but conseguently limited to grant their true good feelings.


Some photos