OUR VINTAGE SOUL books 1^ – 2^ – 3^: la più completa collezione Fender Vintage pubblicata in tre volumi unici al mondo

La passione per il Fender Vintage pubblicata in tre volumi unici al mondo a edizione limitata della più completa collezione Fender Vintage dalla nascita 1946 alla cessione Fender nel 1974.

Nel 2005  si realizzò la prima pubblicazione del volume fotografico OUR VINTAGE SOUL BOOK, frutto di decine di anni di studi volti alla conoscenza del vero mondo creato da Leo Fender e i suoi storici collaboratori dal 1946, un’enciclopedia fotografica per scoprire nel minimo dettaglio gli strumenti originali.

Nel 2020 l’opera di conclude con i tre libri fotografici auto realizzati ed auto prodotti a tiratura limitata che ritraggono tutti gli oltre 100 strumenti ed amplificatori prodotti anno per anno dalla nascita della Fender Factory al 1974 ad offrire la possibilità di essere visionati anche nei particolari tecnici smontati e abbinati a custodie ed accessori (tutti gli strumenti del FENDER VINTAGE MUSEUM) di tutta la Collezione Fender Vintage, la più completa collezione di un unico proprietario al mondo.

Già presenti nelle librerie di centinaia di artisti internazionali in tutto il mondo molti dei quali consegnati di persona dagli stessi autori, un vero must per ogni appassionato di vintage a edizione limitata e con la possibilità di riceverne copia autografata e con dedica.

Un assoluto must per chiunque desideri scoprire il meraviglioso Fender Vintage in ogni suo dettaglio.

I Nostri Eventi

Many events organized by us or in our collaboration in over 20 years of musical activity throughout Italy and beyond.

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Fender Vintage Museum

The Fender Vintage Museum traces the golden age of Fender showing all the models of electrical instruments and amplifiers built from 1946 to 1974 the year of its sale to another company collected by Flavio Camorani and Michela Taioli for Prisma Melody Club.

Inside the history of music aimed at all fans, a journey of colors, scents, vibrations and emotions even with closed eyes.

About Flavio

A life of passion

Our story started before we even knew it would have an ending. We met at Alberto’s Gym. Julia was working at the front desk and Peter basically lived at the gym. Peter would stop to flirt on her way in, thought Julia never picked up on it. One day, Peter called the gym and asked Julia out.


A life of smiles

Smiles of passion, culture, music, sports, adventures, travels, joys, successes, friendships, completed projects, all with great intensity and constancy.

Fender Vintage.

Floyd Machine

Pink Floyd band since 1999

Vintage and technology in an exhilarating and emotional show, each concert a magical and unique event.

Prisma Melody Club

Since 2002 musical reference point in Forlì

Prisma Melody Club was born in 2002 as a result of the need of the musical groups to have Enpals accessibility to be able to perform in public in perfect compliance with current legislation.

Not having the city of Forlì any cooperative suitable for this purpose was so that together with a group Prisma Melody Club Soc. Coop was founded as a musician friend from the Forlì area.

It offers non-profit the possibility of organizing musical events such as the Fender Vintage Museum, concerts and management of Floyd Machines and Floyd Quartet throughout Italy; organization of festivals such as Rockin ‘Time, Rock the beach, L’Astoria del Rock; fully equipped professional rehearsal room; complete technical service for audio, lights, video, video wall for private or public events from small clubs to large squares or sports fields.

In addition, there is the possibility of renting vintage equipment for professional recordings and an expert service on Fender Vintage instruments For further information, consult the relevant pages.

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