One Man Show

Almost 20 years ago, along with my primary job in major hotels and restaurants in Europe, I started to perform in public and wedding events, growing success from the very beginning. Then, about 10 years back, live music as one man band became my main occupation, succeeded by many requests from Italy, Switzerland, Germany.

My live music offer is widely complete, and my show list covers any kind of music: Pop, easy, Disco Dance, classics, Rock…but the main hits are 70’s classic rock like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, U2, Bowie, Queen. Even the italian repertory is wide: PFM, Vasco Rossi, Ligabue, Celentano, Battisti, Venditti, De Andrè, Cocciante, Pooh, Morandi, Jovanotti and many more, performed with professional music patterns and live voice and guitar in original pitch, filled with professional p.a. and lights gear, pocket sized but performing astonishing stage show.

On selected shows sometimes the dance section is performend as a DJby myself with tracks ranged between the 70’s, disco dance, soul, team dances, latinos, “liscio” and “tarantelle”, house and techno. Track list features national hymms for awardings, gag and jokes rhytms, movie soundtracks and cartoons music… definitively music at 360 degrees.

Mastering Weddings and special events, I trust in my years of restaurant’s experience to better consider the right moments to alternate soft romantics themes to more beat sections: all arranged in a top professional mood, free from vulgarity and roughness.

With full accordance with current laws, I offer light, easy professional gear: I can easily move my stage gear from different locations (inside/out, up and down floors) with readiness within 10-15 minutes at most.

My flawless English, French and German speaking enabled me to rule international and turistic events, with great appreciation from the managing establishment.

Wireless mike options available for attendance’s partecipation. Various kinds of musical erogation are also available, for instance in case of different rooms, different floors, distant places, etc.

Basically, elegant live music at top pro’s quality.