• The trilogy Our Vintage Soul #1 #2 #3 books, limited edition, present with a precise chronological scheme the photographic representation of the total Fender Vintage collection containing all the standard “solid body” instruments and at least one model of each amplifier produced by era and listed in official catalog from the Fender Factory from 1946 to 1974.

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OUR VINTAGE SOUL BOOKS 1° 2° 3°: the most complete Fender Vintage collection published in three unique volumes in the world


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The OUR VINTAGE SOUL project is the printed fruit of 40 years of research and study aimed at understanding the production world created by Leo Fender and his historic collaborators since 1946, presenting the entire Fender Vintage Collection in every photographic detail, the most complete collection of a only owner in the world.

The first product Our Vintage Soul 1 was released in 2005 and contains the first part of the Fender Vintage Collection, a limited edition and with a progressive serial number, unique.

The new photographic work which lasted almost 7 months yielded over 12,000 images which, added to the texts, add up to almost 900 pages, thus forcing the work to be divided into two books, each containing over 60 instruments and 2,500 photographs; a work entirely created, designed, conceived and self-produced, without editors, in total autonomy within which there is no shortage of details, curiosities and explanations acquired in over 35 years of vintage experiences.

Strengthened by the experience acquired in producing the first book, a second and third volume was thus planned, dividing the over 100 instruments of the collection into two historical eras: Volume 2 red pre-CBS (1946-1964) and Volume 3 blue post- CBS (1965-1974).

The books OUR VINTAGE SOUL volumes 2 and 3 present with a precise chronological scheme the photographic representation of the entire Fender Vintage collection which includes all the instruments in standard ‘solid body’ color and at least one model of each amplifier produced by era and listed in the catalog official from FENDER FACTORY between 1946 and 1974.

In addition, an excursus on the ‘Fullerton Factory’ artisanal construction period from 1982/1984 considered by the authors worthy of note despite the total decline in quality that followed Leo Fender’s abandonment of the company in December 1974.

Exactly as with the first volume, the two new books were made with excellent quality coated paper, hardback cover and handcrafted cloth binding to make the absolute relevance of their contents impressive.

The explanatory sheets and identity cards of the over 100 instruments with their original cases, amplifiers, catalogues, guitar straps, cable-jacks, electronic effects, tags and posters were written in Italian but represent the minimum part of the contents of the publications that they also see all the maniacally dismantled objects photographed to allow the reader access to all the technical details highlighted by the authors in the 864 illustrated pages.

The texts were entirely created by Flavio Camorani, the photographic set lasting 7 months was curated by Michela Taioli and Flavio Camorani (with the constant presence of the family dog ​​Rock 2′ underlying the works), the graphics were curated by Matteo Camorani, layouts by Matteo and Flavio Camorani, covers designed by Michela Taioli and created by Matteo Camorani, the printing and binding handled by Ge.Graf Forlì.

Flavio Camorani began the project and the drafts in September 2005, finishing in January 2020, then selecting the shots and following the entire layout.

Michela Taioli took 12,428 photographs of the entire collection between October 2018 and May 2019, supervision and commercial manager.

The final product was completed in March and released in April 2020 with the following technical features to offer a high quality product:

-Each volume is composed of 432 pages of 135 g coated paper.

– Printed in 4+4 colors packaged in paperback sewn in hardback thread with square spine and capitals

-Hard cover in matt glossy hardback laminated with protective varnish in 21 x 29.7 cm format

-Weight of 2.1 kg Italian language

Authors: Flavio Camorani & Michela Taioli

Publisher: Prisma Melody Club Forlì

Management: Michela Taioli

As with the first volume, these publications will also be placed as evidence of our earthly work in the Vatican Universal Library.

Flavio & Michela