Fender Electric Bass V Candy Apple Red 1966

Serial Number
Bass V

Electric bass dating back to the first month of construction (January 1966) in rare Candy Apple Red color with headstock matching the body.

The keyboard features ‘Dots’ abalone fret markers which will become ‘block’ from mid-1966.

Some hardware parts such as tuners, number plate, deck cups. oblong case) were designed and used exclusively for this bass model.

The limited market success of this 18-fret model with 5′ string (tuned in B) limited its production which definitively ceased at the beginning of the 1970s, making the Bass V model rare to find and covetably collectible.

Particularity of the serial plate which in most cases presents, as in some cases some Coronado and Custom models, the numbering 6+++++ which can otherwise be attributed to 1975/76//77.

Oblong case with blacktolex sometimes without external metal logo.

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  • I libri Our Vintage Soul #1 #2 #3 presentano con un preciso schema cronologico la raffigurazione in fotografia della totale collezione Fender Vintage contenente tutti gli strumenti in colazione standard “solid body” ed almeno un modello di ogni amplificatore per epoca prodotti ed elencati in catalogo ufficiale dalla Fender Factory dal 1946 al 1974.

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