Serial Number

During 1955 the Telecaster model underwent further small aesthetic/structural changes which saw the pickguard become white while maintaining the same dimensions and the bridge pickup becoming ‘staggered’ abandoning the ‘flatpole’ design used anyway until previous stocks ran out.

The small ’round-string-tree’ string lower on the headstock from March 1955 was gradually replaced by the ‘butterfly’ one, however without a brass spacer, which took over from 1959.

For a few months the painting underwent a shade of blonde color made lighter at the edges but this coloring method only lasted a few months due to the higher cost of craftsmanship necessary to obtain it.

The tweed tolex case changes from center pocket to diagonal pocket.

In this transitional year, the previous brass saddles also changed into steel saddles.

From the end of 1954, the serial number slowly began to be stamped on the switch plate, abandoning the base of the bridge.

The electronic circuitry undergoes a new further innovation in the resistor/capacitor combinations, remaining ‘Blender’ until 1967

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