Fender Telecaster Blue Flower Maple Cap 1968

Serial Number
The acquisition of this guitar is one of the last and most "suffered"
of my entire collection as it was produced in small
quantity only for about two years between 1968 and 1970 for decades
I wanted to add it to the collection.

This instrument was produced together with the pink Paisley model in small quantities and only for about two years and to make it even more rare it should be added that many of these guitars and basses
they were over-painted by musicians or even by themselves
retailers as they are considered to be little 'manly' tools due to the designs
on the leotard that did not match the rock currents of the rock era in the 70s / 80s

It was the only instrument in the Fender line to be equipped
of transparent pickguard that allowed the entire design to be glimpsed
of the wallpaper painted exclusively in the seat of the pickup
handle to hide the microphone seat.


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